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  1951 The foundations of the company Kathi were laid long ago by early generations - thus the present proprietor Rainer Thiele "inherited" its future.

His grandparents - family Thiele and family Pötzsch were domiciled in Halle as bakers and confectioners. Their children, Käthe Pötzsch and Kurt Thiele, married around 1936. The bond laid the foundation stone for "KATHI".

Kurt Thiele founded a wholesale company for baking supplies in 1936. In 1949 Käthe Thiele developed a recipe for the production of a spread for bread "liver sausage pâté" - a big seller in postwar times. She conducted interurban sale by means of a three-wheel vehicle and worked meticulously on further recipes for baking mixes, soups and sauces.

The idea to found a company for the production of comestible goods was close - and was realized with the support of the parents of Käthe and Kurt Thiele. The company Kathi, named after Ka...ethe Thi...ele, was "born" in a garage of the residential house Meckelstraße 25 in Halle.

Production of basic mixes for cakes and dumpling as well as ready-to-cook soups, using purely natural ingredients, commenced in order to make family feeding easier and to disburden women at home.  

1951 Kathi a company...

Foundation and entry of "KATHI Nährmittelfabrik Kurt Thiele" in the commercial register of the German Democratic Republic
As of 1955 Export also into western countries abroad (Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland etc.)
1959 Kurt Thiele buys up the company "Dr. Backhoff" /Leipzig and acquires the rights to baking powder recipes
1969 Exclusively baking mixes - national compulsory regulation measure. Manufacture of other products is relocated to other companies
  1972 The brand name "Kathi" remains protected by patent law (trademark law). Rainer Thiele personally pays the expenses at the patent office Berlin thus all boxes must carry the lettering "Kathi".

Rainer Thiele works as economical director and leaves the company in the same year. He is drafted for reservist service (refusal to join the party). The meanwhile appointed official manager leads the company into the red, since he stems from a foreign branch (metal processing). After his return, Rainer Thiele leaves the company due to considerable discrepancies. Rainer Thiele worked at VEB Süß- und Dauerbackwaren Halle (consolidation of nationally owned companies).  

1972 Kathi - the condemnation 1972 - 1991

1.4. 1972 Condemnation. Business is continued under the name VEB Backmehlwerk Halle
1980 VEB Backmehlwerk Halle is parent company in the compound VEB Nahrungsmittel und Kaffee - Rainer Thiele worked here until 1990
  1992 10/1990 - Following the application for denationalization, Rainer Thiele becomes accountant general at Kathi, in order to be able to attend to the denationalization process and secure the company inventory.

1.1.1992 Foundation of Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH. Rainer Thiele is managing partner, other partners are his wife Margret Thiele and his Son Marco Thiele.

16.7.1992 Entry in the commercial register HRB No. 4206

1991 - Filling of foreign products (co-packer function), in order to secure the companys existence. Own products will again be manufactured as of the 2nd half-year  

1992 Kathi - the denationalization

Rainer Thiele resigns from his employment in the compound in order to be able to commit himself anew to the company Kathi.

The application for denationalization is filed, records are repeatedly untraceable. Some of Rainer Thieles partners in the denationalization commission were the same persons, who had expropriated his father in 1972.

1994 Inauguration of the new company location

Inauguration of the new company location after an investment of approx. 13 million DM
2001 Fifty years of company existence were celebrated with a grand public festival in Halle. The Kathi products are successfully sold inland and abroad.

2003 Family Thiele: partners and managing partner

The special identity of the trade mark Kathi refers to the clear commitment to corporate responsibility as owner family.

The legendary son of the founders and successful manager of the reprivatisation organises with his professional high specialised family the future of the company. Kathi stays a family. The new generation takes over responsible duties in the family business.
  2004 On 5. June 2004, a festival connected with an open day took place on the premises of Kathi.

Occasion for the event was the 10 year jubilee of the premises in the Berliner Straße built up 1994.

About 5,000 guests from politic and economy as well as people of the city Halle enjoyed in spite of contrarious whether conditions a colourful program moderated by "Georg Friedrich Händel".

Highlight of the festival was the presentation of the Händel cake, a unique composition with marzipan and poppy seed with a decoration of cocoa.  

2004 Festival at Kathi

10 year jubilee of the premises in the Berliner Strae built up 1994

2005 Inauguration of the new stock and logistic complex

On 16 November 2006, about 400 guests celebrated with family Thiele and the employees of the company the inauguration of the new stock and logistic complex of the Kahti Rainer Thiele GmbH.
  2006 The Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH, founded 1951 by the parents of the managing partner, Kaethe and Kurth Thiele, in Halle (Saale) looks back on 55 years of an emotional and successful company and trade mark history.

For this reason we celebrate in our domestic market and this with a Kathi-jubilee tour through 100 markets in the new Bundeslaender.

We are out on promotion with an in-store carriage in the design of the 50s bake cakes, inform and advise customers.  

2006 55 years Kathi

The Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH in Halle (Saale) looks back on 55 years of an emotional and successful company and trade mark history.

2007 Gradual generation change

Corporate management is gradually passed on to the 3rd generation.

In addition to Rainer Thiele as Managing Partner, his son Marco now acts as Managing Director, supported by the members of his family.
  2008 A special stage of this championship is aimed at daycare centers. Out of hundreds of entries, the winners will be determined and announced at a huge celebration on Children's Day.

The traditional KATHI Children's Day Festival is born: As of 2008, a fantastic festival is held each year at the company site for the entire family, always on a Sunday around June 1.  

2008 First Baking Championship

KATHI proclaims the first family baking championship. KATHI celebrates a huge Children's Day Festival as a major highlight of the first Baking Championship.
  2009 Thus, the long term and professionally prepared generational change at KATHI is finally complete; the 3rd generation is at the forefront of the traditional family business.

Starting January 1, 2009, Rainer Thiele assumes duties as the chairperson of the newly established KATHI Rainer Thiele GmbH Advisory Council, providing consultation services to the new corporate management.  

2009 The generation change is complete.

At the end of 2008, Rainer Thiele permanently withdraws from management. Marco Thiele, Managing Director since 2007, assumes full control of the company.
  2011 Founded in 1951 by the present owners parents and grandparents; forcibly expropriated and turned into a state-owned enterprise (VEB) in 1972; the founders son, Rainer Thiele, reprivatized the company in 1991, successfully leading it into the market economy.

This was made possible through company restructuring in 1994 with an investment sum of (at that time) DM 14 million, with product innovations, with a strong staff, but also with intelligent decisions and strategic vision traits on the part of the owners.

At age 60, KATHI is in the midst of life.

The company plays a dominant role in the newly formed German States and is a market leader in baking mixes.

Its presence is steadily increasing on national market shelves as well, however.

With Marco Thiele at the helm, the 3rd generation has taken over corporate management since the first part of 2009.

Ninety employees, 14 of which are apprentices, generated a turnover of 22 million Euros in 2010.

The products range from traditional basic cake mixes across premium segments right up to the specialties, such as the "Händel" cake.

The KATHI brand name represents 60 years of tradition, family, quality, innovation, and baking expertise.

The company is on the right track and can proudly proclaim its slogan "KATHI - the family of great baking ideas."  

2011 60 Years for KATHI - a recipe for success in Halle (Saale)

KATHI Rainer Thiele GmbH celebrated its 60th birthday on March 31, 2011.

KATHI is the success story of a company, a brand name and a family from Halle an der Saale, Germany.